Commercial Dishwasher


Undercounter front loading commercial dishwashers

Sammic commercial front loading dishwashers offer a wide variety of solutions for the different users’ needs. Our offer is organised in 3 product ranges, according to their different performance levels.

We help you find The Right Dishwasher for your specific needs.

Sammic SUPRA: electronic range with cycle selection, wash and rinse temperature display and double skinned construction. This line includes a model with constant rinse temperature system, conjugating hygienic sanitised results with the comfort and low consumption that offers the double skinned construction.

Sammic X-TRA: electronic range with cycle selection that includes a compact model with 450 x 450 mm. basket, a model with tall base and a model with constant rinse temperature system designed to give hygienic sanitised results. All X-TRA 500 x 500 mm. basket models include a wash- and rinse temperature display as standard.

Sammic PRO: 1 electro-mechanical model with 500 x 500 mm. rack and maximum glass height of 330 mm.