Dometic ProSafe MDT 403

Safe with top-opening design

This top-opening electronic safe has a capacity of 9.7 l and a net weight of 9 kg. With the LED four-digit guest code and two 18 mm solid steel bolts valuables are securely and conveniently protected.
  • Easy to reach inside
  • LED interior light makes all the safe contents visible at a glance
  • Enough room to fit laptop computers and tablets
  • Ideal for installation into existing Hotel room drawer
  • Stabiliser arm for smooth opening and closing of door


In addition to the LED interior light, the Dometic ProSafe MDT403 comes with a unique top-opening design that allows hotels numerous installation options throughout a guest room, such as inside a drawer. The four-digit guest code makes for easy access while securely holding 15″ laptops, cameras, and other personal items. The safe is powered by four AA batteries that features with a low battery message on the LED display to indicate when it is time to replace the batteries.

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