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Professional waffle iron – Special waffles on Stick

Roller Grill

The professional waffle iron GES 23: the turn-key waffle solution!

The professional waffle iron GES 23 is equipped with a mold containing 4 spike-shaped fingerprints for the cooking of 4 waffles on sticks in one time. 4 golden waffles are cooked at 270 ° C in 2’30 minutes!

Get an all-in-one solution with the GES 23 waffle maker, its waffle display (Option P08002Z03), a batch of 500 sticks and the waffle mix! Mix and stick refills are available from Roller Grill.

The professional waffle iron GES 23 is also designed for homemade fresh waffle dough.

The cast-iron waffle maker GES 23 cooks waffles on sticks without any need to return the machine!

The cast iron plates of this professional waffle maker are fixed. There’s no need to return the cast-iron waffle maker during cooking: the power is sufficient under each plate to bake waffles. The waffles are perfectly cooked without further manipulation of the appliance.

The use of cast-iron plates with a high conduction value makes it possible to spread the heat evenly and to get well-gold and crispy waffles in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

This electric waffle maker is particularly appreciated by kids and parents at festive meals such as a birthday party, festival or any animation at an association.

patented stainless steel tray is placed around the bottom plate of the waffle iron: it recovers excess dough and it facilitates the cleaning.

Features: on / off switch, control thermostat 0-300 ° C, control lights. Delivered with a brush (F05054) and a timer.

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