Fire Pump VE1500A-Ti


Go easy, Go smooth with remote control system.

VE1500A-Ti is developed for European market and complied with EN14466 for PFPN10-1500.

Engine804mL Tohatsu 2-stroke, water-cooled gasoline engine Authorized output60PS (44kW )Pump performance (VE1500)2050 liter / min. at 0.6MPa 1800 liter / min. at 0.8MPa 1500 liter / min. at 1.0MPa

・Improvement of the remote operation function.

VE1500A-Ti and the remote control panel are connected by only wire harness. Connect to vehicle side Communication by wire.

・Replacement of PTO pump.

It is possible to put on the fire vehicle

・Simplification of vehicle rigging.

It is possible to operate the pump from outside by connecting remote control panel and wire harness

flexibly without allocating a lot of space. It is simple rigging and easy maintenance. It is possible to save space to put more equipment.


Specification VE1500A-Ti
Engine Type 2-stroke
Number of Cylinder 2 Cylinder
Cooling System Suction Water Cooled
Bore x Stroke 81 x 78 mm (3.19 x 3.07 inch)
Piston displacement 804 mL (49.0 cu in)
Output 44 kW (60 PS)
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline (Min. 87 Octane)
Fuel Tank Capacity 24 Lit (6.34 gal)
Fuel Consumption 22 Lit / Hr (5.81 gal / Hr)
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Oil Tank Capacity 1.6 Lit (0.42 gal)
Suction Starting Electric starter and recoil
Suction System 4 Blade Rotary-vane vaccum pump (Oilless-type)
Priming System Auto Priming
Pump Pump Type Single Suction, Single Stage centrifugal pump
Suction Thread and Dia. BSP 4″ (100mm)
Discharge Thread and Dia. BSP 2-1/2″ (65mm)
Discharge Number Twin
Discharge Valve Flat
Weight Dry Weight 110 kg (243 lbs)
Wet Weight 130 kg (287 lbs)
Dimension(mm) Overall
Length x Width x Height
748 x 732 x 827
Remote Control Panel
Number of Panel (Maximum) Triple remote control panel
Length of cable for panel 3m for main wire harness, 5m/15m for assist wire harness