Fire Pump VF53BS


4-stroke engine model.

Light weight with Up-to-date technology.

Engine 500 mL Tohatsu 4-stroke,3-cylinder, water cooled gasoline engine
Authorized output 30 PS (22 kW) Pump performance 1200 liter / min. at 0.6MPa, 950 liter / min. at 0.8MPa Dry weight 89kg


・Improved Handling

By optimizing the crankshaft and intake manifold, we have managed to reduce 12kg(13.5%) without sacrificing engine performance. The new Ball Valve Outlet has been redesigned to reduce the strength you need when opening the valve after priming.

・Improved Layout

The bottom cowl-less design improves serviceability and reduces tempratures inside the cowl. In addition, each gauge has been relocated to improve visibility. Furthermore, by eliminating the drain and air valves on the discharge valve, the operation of water drainage has been simplified.

・Adopting up-to-date technology

The engine speed governor function is now fully electrically controlled which provides flawless and smooth operation through the dial. Wireless self-diagnostic function with the use of Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool* enables you to connect your smartphone to the ECU allowing you to check the engine condition and error codes or if any as for the daily check-up and maintenace. *Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool is sold separately.

Specification VF53BS
Engine Type 4-stroke
Number of Cylinder 3 Cylinders
Cooling System Suction Water Cooled
Bore x Stroke 61 x 57 mm (2.4 x 2.24 inch)
Piston displacement 500ml (30.51 cu in)
Output 22kW (30 PS)
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline (Min. 87 Octane)
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 Lit (2.64 gal)
Fuel Consumption 9.5 Lit / Hr (2.51 gal / Hr)
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Oil Tank Capacity 1.7 Lit (0.45 gal)
Suction Starting Electric and recoil
Suction System 4 Blade Rotary-vane vaccum pump (Oilless-type)
Priming System Auto Priming and Manual Priming
Pump Pump Type Single Suction, Single Stage, High Pressure Turbine Pump
Suction Thread and Dia. JIS 3″ (75mm)
Discharge Thread and Dia. JIS 2-1/2″ (65mm)
Discharge Number Twin
Discharge Valve Ball
Weight Dry Weight 89 kg (196.21 lbs)
Wet Weight 99 kg (218.26 lbs)
Dimension(mm) Overall
Length x Width x Height
690 x 780 x 740
Remote Control Panel
Number of Panel (Maximum)
Length of cable for panel